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If you opened this article, then surely you have no question Why do we need an air cleaner? But how to choose an air purifier that will last for many years, be sure to clean the air in the room, solving all the problems related to air pollution and thus will not break and blast away - not an easy task. In the Russian market now presented a number of HVAC equipment, even a professional is not always immediately understand which air purifier is best, let alone the common man, who had never interested in air purifiers, very easy to get confused. We do not want to leave you alone with the problem of choosing the air purifier, and honestly tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of different instruments. Here are our tips:

1. Every air cleaner designed for a specific area of ​​the room, so you need to begin to determine the size of the room.
Are you ready to buy an air cleaner in each room, or will carry him along as long're in one of the rooms.
If in every room - choose a well in accordance with: the area of ​​your room - service area of ​​the air cleaner.

If you plan to carry - that guided to the area of ​​the largest room in the apartment (home, office). Better to choose the model of the air, which will be calculated on a slightly larger area - the air will be cleaned faster and better.

If the room is quite small, you can choose a car air purifier, which can also be used in the room, and clean air is one machine at home and in the car.
2. Decide what problem you want to solve with the help of the air cleaner.

This will determine its price. There is plenty of air purification technologies, each of which solves some problems better than others. From how many treatment technologies using selected model air purifier will depend on its cost.

A large amount of dust.

Air electrostatic (plasma) Filters: These filters attract dust with an electric charge, easy to clean, you do not have to constantly ordering replacement filters. But if the dust is really a lot, the machine will not be able to cope with it. Do not forget also that the electrostatic purifiers are able to remove no more than 90% of the dust. If you want more quality cleaning (in the house there are children, allergies, asthma), it is best to choose the next option.
Air from the HEPA-filter: a filter is easy to care: a vacuum cleaner once a month and changed every six months or a year, depending on the degree of air pollution. HEPA-filter - the most effective means of dust, because form a continuous barrier to moving air, and even microscopic speck of dust or bacteria can not fly past, lingering in the pores of the filter. When a high degree of removal of dust, the air cleaner with a HEPA-filter - the best choice.

Air purifiers - ionizers precipitated dust flying in the air, on the horizontal surfaces, thus purifying the air. They do not collect dust inside the housing of the air cleaner, you do not have to wash or replace the filter. Therefore, these air purifiers will suit those who seek to avoid additional costs for the maintenance of the air cleaner, but more often willing to collect dust from the surface with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

Allergies to dust. Here, the main problem - the smallest invisible dust, it was she who causes allergic sneezing attacks, red eyes, and nasal allergies. Your choice
Air purifiers with HEPA-filters - remove from the air the smallest speck of dust, the cleaning efficiency -up 99.9%. The best means for prevention of allergy is not yet invented.

Air electrostatic filters - are less effective than a HEPA-filters, since dust is attracted to the plates only at the expense of an electric charge, and the plates are spaced apart, i.e. the dust is flying past. Purification efficiency 81-90%.
Sinks air - clean air, banishing it through the spray of water slurry. Water washes away the tiny particles of pollutants, leaving them no chance to get back into the room air. The most effective air cleaning with pre-ionization, because charged dust is attracted to the best drum plates. Cleaning efficiency - 80-95%.
Cleaners-humidifiers - moisturize using in the water evaporative filter or spray water inside the unit. Cleaning is also produced using a water slurry. cleaning quality of 80-90%.

Air purifiers - ionizers with remote ionization, producing a large number of ions around the air cleaner can remove allergens from the air max, depositing them on the surface.

It is important to remember that an allergy is not only the dust, but there are dust mites, mold, fungus, destroying that, you eliminate the root cause of allergies. Coping with dust mites and mold can help photocatalytic air purifiers and air purifiers - ozone generators, but photocatalysis and ozonation in a selectable air cleaner must be supplemented by one from the previous cleaning options - filter removes dust itself.

Photocatalytic air purifiers purify and disinfect the air due to the interaction of UV light and the catalyst decomposed with toxic chemicals, destroy microorganisms.
Air Cleaners - ozonizers - ozone also decomposes toxic substances that kill bacteria and germs due to its strong oxidizing properties. Ozonizers can be used when the people in the room no.

Tobacco smoke, any smoke. Your choice
Photocatalytic air purifiers - ionizers, it is better if they are with an electrostatic filter, as it is easier to wash off deposited nicotine gum. If you choose a HEPA-filter, it should be changed frequently. Photocatalysis razlalaet toxic elements of tobacco smoke, the ionization smoke disperses and precipitates the electrostatic filter and cleans the resin using ozone microdoses.
Air Cleaners - ozonizers smoke decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Air cleaning - less effective because do not have time to capture most of the smoke is rapidly rising up, and the water itself is not as effective from the smoke.
Air purifiers with carbon filters - also do not have a high degree of efficiency as quickly rid of the smoky air through the air cleaner housing (smoke particles adsorbed to the filter) is problematic.
Unpleasant odors (automotive, industrial emissions from the window, the smell of the kitchen, burning, decay, by animals, decorative materials, office equipment, etc.)

Photocatalytic air purifiers - decompose any odors in the presence of people.
Air - ozonizers - oxidised and cleaved with any chemical and organic components in the air, including odors.
Air purifiers with carbon filters - odor molecules adsorbed in micropores on the surface of carbon granules, but the effectiveness of the charcoal filter is several times lower than the photocatalyst.

Air Disinfection (if often ill children or you yourself, during epidemics of viral diseases, in child care centers, etc.). You'd better choose
Photocatalytic air purifiers - decontaminating, disinfecting air using ultraviolet and photocatalysis reactions in which most of the germs, bacteria and viruses are killed.
Air Cleaners - ozonizers - the best choice, because UV ozone efficiently 2-3 times, i.e. processing time will take much less. In standard mode, such devices are capable obezzarazhivyat air by ionization.

A significant addition to its dry air pollution.
Air-humidifiers - humidify and purify the air by filtering.
Sinks Air - purify the air with water and simultaneously moisturize it.

Poor health, lethargy, fatigue, poor sleep, frequent illness. You should choose
Ionizer - ionization improves the general condition of the body, strengthens the immune system, improves mood.
Air Cleaner - Ozonator - Ozone in small doses is very useful for health, a natural immune stimulator.
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